[february 2010]

iiiiiii don't know what to do with myself anymore. feel completely empty; no inspiration, no motivation, can't seem to hold an interest in anything i work on. don't even feel i can draw as well as i used to. like i've lost talent or something.
even my drawing speed's dropped off, which is absurd with how slowly i drew in the first place.

that being said, here's the thing i spent pretty much all of february working on:

and then the second funeral pic finally finished after almost a year. though i still think they both need more work before i even think about colour or polish.


  1. Your drawings are so beautiful and carry a lot of emotional impact. I really hope you get over your art funk. I had one probably just as bad a little over a year ago. I quit art, stopped going to dA and every other art sit, and only doodled silly experimental things I always wanted to try out once in a while. then it grew to something more significant and I had my most productive year in 09.

    I'm not sure how you operate, but if you have a list of ideas you're trying to tackle one by one, maybe you should put it aside and just do small things out of pure enjoyment and nothing else. Then maybe the motivation will come back.

  2. year :o ?!
    what size is this pic :P ?

  3. the funeral pic? they areeee 4 by 6 inches each.

  4. This is completely understandable. I think when this sort of cloud begins to form it's best to take as much of a "break" as you can endure. I think everyone who creates goes through this once in a while and that time can be focused on living. Gain experience and allow your form to naturally evolve.

    I wish there was a set of creative vitamins a person could take to make this part easier. What colors were you thinking of using for the funeral pics?

  5. iii don't really know. :// i'm so bad with colour and i think co might be colouring them anyway XD