heyyo~ been a while. not much to say.
15 x Thirteen is still for sale, sooo check that out if you haven't already. there's 14 other artists in it besides myself, and every one of them is worth a look.

ummmmm here's what little i have to show for anything recently. in crappy photos.

first, emri dying or something in front of the nywborn flag. second him getting bitten by the water god when he realizes that something's gone wrong when aba dived down into the lake, so he dives after. the water god doesn't take too kindly to that.

theeen filli being executed via starvation tied to tree [ropes still to be drawwwwnn] and then a doodle from july i forgot existed until recently. though i like it a lot >____>


  1. I saw some of your work on your portfolio site and fell in love with your crisp pencilling. *__*
    Where do you study, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Lovely work. :>
    Just wanted to also say that I love your works. Keep up what you do. .U. <3