Not really here anylonger!

Unfortunately, Blogger just isn't really my "thing". The way a lot of these social networking sites are set up just don't work for me, or something doesn't sit right in their fundamental workings.
Or maybe I'm just not the social networking type.

Regardless, I don't update much else but my DA page and my Tumblr. To me, Tumblr is the perfect community site, and it's set up pretty ideally for visual art. Nothing can beat it in my eyes. So I won't be updating here much again, if ever. If there were an automated something or other that would update blogger when I do Tumblr (like how Tumblr feeds into Twitter! <3) then it wouldn't be a problem but I'm just not feeling it here.

I'll still be checking in form time to time, just likely will not post anything.
If you're on Tumblr, you can follow me there


Compiled Apr 16th, 2k11. Some stuff from February, March and so far this month.

WEEELLL, thought since I have quite a bit up on TUMMMBBLRRRR now, I should share some of it here.
Pencil sketches, a few digital inks and colours, and then some lil paper cut out things I did for Co and Jing.

Oh, and detail shot of Link. You can find the final here: link!

To see larger versions of these, and some things that aren't in this throw-together, go look at my TUMMMBBLRRRR, because I think everyone should love and use TUMMMBBLRRRR.


Finished Jan 22nd, 2k11. Pencil, Photoshop.

Drew this half-heartedly, so it became like beating a dead horse with how long I've been working on it.
Something new, now. :V

Pascal and Clyde. They're BFF's. Really.

Art and Pascal © Shy Custis / shysuiko.net
Clyde © Coey Kuhn




Well, first not long ago we did some stickers for Capcom, for the release of Okamiden! I drew and inked the, then Coey and I both coloured them. I think by now, we've all realized Shy doesn't paint too well. :/ Here's some more details if you'd like to read more about them: link

We've also been busy putting together more books. Here's some previews of my entries for "CuteBook", and then the covers for both Coey and my new sketchbook pair.

I haven't done any finalized "serious" art for a while, but I've been working on a lot of random stuff. WE'LL SEE HOW THAT GOES.