not much to show, BUT--

uhhhhh. yup. co wanted a pic of old king emri in his coffin. uuummmm yup. totally doesn't look like a dignified farmer.
yeah, that one needs some work.

i like her hair. and neck-chest area. that jawline tho-- will fix.
and scan better >_____>

"SMOKER--" [puff sound of zoey killing it for me as it drags my black ass off into the distance]
hmmmmmm might finish this? we'lll seeeeee

i'll put more later. right now i'm bored :D
as always, better stuff at shysuiko-NET.


[i has stuff]

so, i do have a few things that i've been meaning to put up here for a while now, just been lazy bout it. iiiii'llz be doing that tonight. souls is coming over here soon so i'll be busy entertaining and shooting up stuff on left4dead. and by shooting up i mean both zombies and feeding my pillz addiction. HAHA JOKE-- gf get out of my head.

uhhhh, yeah.