Chibi Hiatus?

So I went to this struggling artist councilling thing about my over-year-long-art-funk and the therapist [who's an artist who went through a lot of the same shit as me, dad dying in the middle of college and all that] suggested to just do playful, fun things with art for a while. That my serious work, and me taking it so seriously, is just stressing me to the point of creative drought.

So that's what I've been doing for the last month. And, because I'm me, I made a project out of it [but at least the project isn't stressing me out]
I'm drawing these chibis from my and Co's story about the Fausts and Nywborns.
I have over 50 of theses planned [50 different characters from the story x____x], and I've drawn 17 so far, and started colouring these 12 so far.

YEAH enjoy.

Characters copyright Shy Custis and Coey Kuhn
Art copyright Shy~

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